Anne Wanielista: Strategic Intelligence & Foresight Consultant, Interim Manager & Trainer, Krav Maga Instructor


anne-wanielista Who am I

Engineer in Business Administration, I never stop studying…


being able to source information in different languages is an advantage, “on apprend plus en écoutant qu’en parlant” (Jean-Marc Rives) and anyway, communication is key!  I can multiply and diversify sources of information

Quality audits:

being informed about the implemented processes within the organization gives an helicopter view.  This is necessary for -at least- 2 reasons:

  1. to understand the full picture
  2. to follow the guidelines of the standards based on common sense

I can check compliance with processes, adapt them or put structure where necessary

Open source intelligence techniques:

whatever your field of expertise, “there is always room for improvement”… I benefit from experts network tips & tricks and new developments

High Studies Security & Defense

strategy is a military concept.  Seen the different phenomena at work: crises, terrorism, digitalization, … a multidisciplinary approach and views exchange between different communities, civilian or military, private or public, industries, academic or NGO’s are beneficial.

“the eyes will be of no use if the mind of a [wo]man 😉 is totally blind” (Bamigboye Olurotimi)


Because I am convinced that the future is to build and not to suffer.  I therefore apply methodologies to anticipate the futures and draw different scenarios.  I propose actions to reach the scenario chosen by the customer (organization, sector or territory)

Drone piloting

drone offers an extra means of collecting data: images in this case, to make inspections, to guarantee Quality & Compliance and to anticipate potential issues

Anne Wanielista Career History

I spent most of my career in B2B international environment and had the occasion to serve different sectors: hi-tech materials, ICT, Identification solutions (RFID, biometrics,  …), Transport & Logistics, Pharma, Food & Beverages, Retail, Diamond industry, Services, Security, Energy…

These latest 10 years, I focused on Intelligence and occupied different positions in this field, helping organizations to monitor their environment, protect themselves and influence others and to take better strategic decisions.

Today, I am acting as a consultant to help organizations:

  • Setting up an intelligence framework
  • Deepening or widening existing monitoring plans
  • Proposing improvements and new approaches to streamline mission, vision, strategy and objectives
  • Elaborating scenarios to anticipate possible futures My hobby also relates to protection, as I am a krav maga instructor, the Israeli self Defense system for civilians and VIP protection (body guarding).