Intelligence as a means of knowing the context of your organization

Do you want to increase your knowledge of the ecosystem? 

Intelligence allows you, based on your stakeholder’s expression of needs, to collect data (OSINT, HUMINT, SOCMINT), Analyze and Disseminate it.

Those data can be diverse:

  • insights and trends for market,  competitors and prospects & customers
  • identification of vulnerabilities & threats and risk management

OSINT: Open Source INTelligence
HUMINT: HUman source INTelligence
SOCMINT: SOCial Media INTelligence

graphic-01-300x287 Intelligence

Do you want to take appropriate decisions?


  • Examination of data to better understand them
  • Link data to company challenges to provide insights
  • Detection of trends, cycles, weak signals, …

La règle, c’est que le général qui triomphe est celui qui est le mieux informé


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