Design Fiction: when Innovation meets Foresight

Inspiring CrossInnovation evening during which 3 innovative and collaborative projects were presented.  All of them were designed to meet a more or less obvious need in various sectors of activity:

Cross-Innovation-Banner-10102019-Mons-300x165 Design Fiction: when Innovation meets Foresight
Airfix-project-CrossInnovation-2019-300x225 Design Fiction: when Innovation meets Foresight

Airfix has proposed a smart textile that is both lightweight and resistant, able to absorb urban pollution and, cherry on the cake, energy self-sufficient. A call for applications has been launched to municipalities ready to embark on the adventure of the prototype testing.

JeWell then presented us a range of jewels, all more appealing than each other and for all tastes. These are equipped with sensors to detect more than 500 different diseases. One way to take care of yourself and others.

JeWell-project-CrossInnovation-2019-300x225 Design Fiction: when Innovation meets Foresight
OnlyMeatproject-CrossInnovation-2019-300x225 Design Fiction: when Innovation meets Foresight

OnlyMeat has developed a packaging which disappears during cooking and thus helps limiting plastic packaging around food.

We had the opportunity to vote and show our support – or not – for these projects and to « rate » them in terms of vision, disruption, …

Olivier Wathelet then led us to question the reality of these projects…He guided us in the footsteps of Design Fiction, or a laboratory of imaginary, to explore the consequences of products / solutions of the future.

The Design Fiction is basically a practical version focused on products and solutions of the future, which can be put (in any case that I put) in parallel with the Foresight, a strategic version centered around the vision and the mission of an organization …

We also had the opportunity to discover 17 very real projects, supported by Interreg, France, Wallonia, Vlaanderen during this evening.  Thanks to all stakeholders!